Shuffleboard Rules


Even there is no certainty of its origin and age, Shuffleboard is known to be played for the nobles in the Henry the eighth era in England.

Similar in equipment, scoring system and playing strategies with several sports like for example bowling, croquet, billiards and carom, the ancient shovelboard seems to be  its main ancestor.

Modern days

First in Florida and then almost everywhere in the country, Shuffleboard was increasingly popular and its attraction was beyond ages, physical shapes or gender. Outdoor or indoor the game can be play by anyone that is in reasonable shape, and a great example of this fact is that nowadays the game is part of the setting of a huge amount of ship cruises that caters especially for retired and elderly persons.

Another awesome features is that can be played all year long and anyone can be part of the fun that this game give us.Played over a table, a maxi roll or a board, the game is somewhat   addictive, because the easy set up and the variety of game styles that at hand.

Other of the reasons why so many people get engaged with shuffleboard is that anybody can learn the rules of the game easily, and don’t take too long to master the strategies and techniques of this fun and social sport.


Shuffleboard rules Explained

Before anything else, is right to say that the most common shuffleboard games are played for 2 and 4 players.

The first of the shuffleboard rules,  is that it has to be to decided who is going to be the hammer ( last shuffleboard player to come in action).This is done by  the throwing of the shuffleboard puck by every player involved in the game, and who has the longest throw will become the hammer thrower.

Each round is compounded for 4 puck throws per player, and in 2 players game they alternate throws using the same end of the board.

In the following rounds they must move to the opposite side of the shuffleboard table successively.

The goal of the game is to place your pucks in the areas that give the highest amount of points and also try to move your opponent pucks outside the board.The farther the pucks go, more points are received by the players.

Only the player that wins the round is awarded with points, and the games is won when some player achieve 15 points.

To play team games (4 players) the teammates have to be in opposed sides of the court. This kind of games are won by the first team to get 21 points.

Shuffleboard Scoring

Points are conferred according to the sectors on the court or table, and only one player or team can score in one round, being the winner the team or shuffleboard player with the uttermost puck.

Pucks which not reach the foul line during the game are removed immediately.

Points are assigned every time that one player’s puck is located further that their counterpart, being the hanger (pucks that are hanging at the end of the gaming surface) awarded with 5 points.

2 player games have to be won for at least 2 points, and the shuffleboard game has to be played until the 2 points advantage is achieved.

When, a side loses a round that side is granted the next round hammer.

If the location of the pucks I so similar that is consider a  too close to call situation, no points are given .

The  use of shuffleboard sand, wax or another kind of substances between rounds it is  allowed.

Shuffleboard Game Variations

Tap & Draw Shuffleboard Rules

In this kind of Shuffleboard you try to shuffle the pucks as far as you can, but without knocking pucks outside the playing. Contrarily to the classic Shuffleboard, the player that shuffle the puck first have the advantage in the game .No matter the first team has scored more than 51 points, they will have to wait for the other team to finish their game and award the game to the highest scored team. 8 pucks are shuffled consecutively to complete the round.

It is allowed to hit their own players pucks, in order to get a farthest position, but in case that the pucks are pushed out the board ,they cannot be put in play again.

In case that a player knock off an adversary’s puck out of the playing surface his own puck will be out of play, and the antagonist puck will recuperate its previous location

The score counting will be the same that the original style in which the game is played, for example in a horse collar game will be to 51, and in a traditional kind of game will be to  15.

Crazy Eight Rules

This kind of shuffleboard can be played for 2 players and up,and its main feature is that the game is intended to give the same opportunity to win for all the participants.

The ends of the court are alternated by the players in each frame, using the full set of 8 pucks.

The amount of points needed to win a game, is agreed by the participant previous to the beginning of the game.

The wining is awarded to the person that has achieved the highest number of points.

The hammer is given to the player that has gotten the amount of points agreed or higher.

Knock Off shuffleboard

This variation of the game can be played on single or doubles modalities ,and when play in doubles it requires that the players of each team be in opposite sides of the board  for the full elapsing of the  game.

Even though it is possible to play until one team scores 21 points, this type of competition is normally played until one side achieve 15 point with a difference of 2.

Most of the time this games are played ”short foul line” meaning that when a puck  overpass the nearest line to the thrower is regarded as “in play”.

This makes that most of home games which are performed over shuffleboard tables that measure 14 foot long, are considered short foul line, because these tables have only one foul line in the middle.

Target Modality

The main difference that this game has with the traditional game is that the points are awarded when the pucks reach the target area instead of foul lines.

As the aforementioned shuffleboard styles this type of tournaments can be played by individual or teams and normally who score 21 points is the winner.

The idea of this modality is to hit the opponent’s pucks without make our own pucks fall of the scoring area.

Taking turns, the participants shuffle the pucks until the full set of 8 have been played completing the round, and awarding the points only to the winners.

By the toss of a coin, the players see who is going to start the game, and colors are also assigned.

In single modality the players start at the same side of the board and the highest scoring player is the winner

These are the most popular variety of shuffleboard ,and even though are some more,the difference with the mentioned before are not especially important so we thing that these group of shuffleboard modes are the most useful to know, for a person that wants to learn about these lovely sport.

Horse Collar Shuffleboard Rules

This kind of competition, as the majority of the shuffleboard games can be played in single or team formats, and in the case of individual games the opponents play from the opposite end of the board. In multiple players games the team players shuffle from the same side of the playing surface.

One group of different color pucks are used for both kind of games (singles or multiples), and teams may be required to interchange sides between frames, depending on the number of players.

Who is the winner in horse collar Shuffleboard ?

The winner is the first player that achieves 51 points and at the same time has the hammer. In case that the frame is finished and the 51 point has not been completed, the winner is the side that has gotten more points

Shuffleboard Table Making


The game is fun and easy to play,shuffleboard can be played by anyone ,and gives a variety of versions that can be chosen by the interested person.In small or bigger settings, the sport is not very demanding in the physical aspect,and actually is played by big numbers of elderly people.Players can take advantage of the weather playing in outdoor courts in summer,and using indoor shuffleboard tables in winter.