Bar Shuffleboard Rules

It’s cold outside and you’re alone. You headed to the nearest bar and drunk a couple of glasses, hoping that you find someone to cheer you up. You went to the corners of the bar and find two 2.5 meters wooden table with some kinds of white powder on top of them: Bar shuffleboard.
Don’t confuse the game with deck shuffleboard where you use cues to push weighted discs and which rules are different of the bar shuffleboard rules.. You just have to use your hands to play this type of shuffleboard.
The game is simple. It’s best played with four people divided into two teams. You just have to slide or “shuffle” four metal pucks as close as you can to the other end of the table without having them to fall off the edge of the table. You will gain score by putting the pucks in one of the numbered scoring areas.
To count as a full score, it has to totally cross the zone line. If the puck is hanging partially at the end of the table called a “hanger”, you will usually receive an extra point. If a puck hangs off the end corner, you will have no additional scoring points. If your pucks fall off the table into the valley, they are removed from play for the round.
Even though the shuffleboard organizations agreed on some official rules, you have to keep in mind that the game can be informal and spontaneous. The rules may also differ among regions and country as well.
All in all, the game is relatively easy to play, even though you need a couple of tries to get used to it. Just try it yourself and feel the sensation.

Play the game and say your name

Unlike other games that require competitive energy to play, bar shuffleboard is more of a game that will help you socialize. During the game, you can find yourself standing next to, and talking with, your opponent who is a complete stranger, sharing some stories and drink together. The chance to start small talk, however, depends on with whom you’re playing the game with. You can really have a nice conversation when playing it.
If you’re an ongoing and talkative person, as well as your opponent, it will most likely that you can have another friend to be invited to your party. And if you’re lucky, you may find your true love there because the game creates a comfortable environment. You’ll rarely hear trash talk from across the table.
Even though it’s a game that demands a winner (like any other games) you will find that the tension is different from any other games. Imagine you try to beat your opponent but still manage to laugh and have fun with them.
Some people may find bar shuffleboard a little bit too old for them. However, it’s a bar game that you have to try if you are seeking out another option to more common barroom challenges such as billiards and darts when you don’t know what to do during a cold winter. Who knows that from a 15th century-game played by locals in England, you will discover something (or someone) new in your life? So go to your local bar, find the table, and have some fun!

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