Best Choice 54 in. Air Hockey Table Review

Are you fascinated by air hockey? If yes, then know
that there are a lot of people with you on that. Air hockey is popular and
loved. The game has made even the adults bow to the fun it provides. This is an
indoor game that hooks your heart as it turns your boring hours into an ordeal
full of excitement. It does not take you long to decide that this hockey table
has become a necessary purchase for your home. When you actually go to buy a
hockey table, you clearly know what you need. All you need is a table that can
stand up to your expectations and that’s where the this air hockey table comes and like the shuffleboard rules the air hockey rules are really easy to follow.
This is a large colonnade styled air hockey table that comes along with pairs
of pucks and pushers respectively that allow you multiple hours of competition
with your friends, your family or whoever you would want to play with. Here is
a list of its best features:

1. The steady flow of air:

One of the main features of this table is its steady flow of
air. Spread in an even range across the table powered with a 12 volt direct
current motor and adapter that help in the free flow, allowing a very smooth
glide to the pucks across the table, giving you a realistically enjoyable

2. The scoreboard is digital:

A game is nothing without a scoreboard that keeps a
count on who is winning. The whole set of game is designed with either manual
or an electronic LED scorekeeper that is placed on the rails at the side of the
table. Needless to say, the electronic score keeping boards let both the players
and the viewers keep tab on the progress of the ongoing game.

3. High quality durable material:

The conditions are simple. If a product is not durable
enough, then it is no use buying it just for a short-term. The air hockey table
has a composition of high quality wood along with Polyvinyl Chloride that
enhance its durability. The table is also well-equipped with a complete console
as leg supports which provide the table with additional stability as well as

4. Impressive overall dimensions:

It’s a hockey table. Of course, it’s dimensions must be impressive. The Best Choice 54 inch
air hockey table has an incredible length of 56.5 inches, a width of 27 inches
and height of 31.5 inches. It weighs 43.3 lbs (19.64 kilograms), made of a
medium-density fibreboard.The bumper is of 3 inches of diameter and 2.5 inches of height.

The Best Choice 54 inch air hockey table is a great table. It
is easy to assemble so that kids do not have any problem managing it. It fixes
easily and like Boccia is a great piece of entertainment, especially during winters. The
table is a strong, solid and sturdy piece of work that allows smooth hours of
games. Everything one needs to convince you to choose air hockey is provided in
this table. With a series of mind-blowing features, excellent artistry and a
well-built outer look, you will be proud to own the Best Choice 54 inch air
powered hockey.

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