Harvil Shuffleboard Table Review

Unexpectedly Great Product for the Price!
Who wouldn’t go crazy over the Harvil Shuffleboard Shuffleboard? I mean among all shuffleboard tables available in the market today,  this  Shuffleboard Table is the best value for the money A great deal for shuffleboard lovers like me! I think the Harvil Shuffleboard Shuffleboard offers more than just fun for the whole family but value for your money. The 12-ft Shuffleboard table itself is made of solid fiberwood designed with sturdy cradle bed and carpeted inner sides to minimize the noise during the play. With the size of 146 L x 23.25 W x 31 H inches, this is truly a perfect match for our indoor space requirement. Its smooth and stylish design and add-ons accessories like the two abacus scoring units and built-in cabinets for easy storage make it a great choice among other tables out there. It also comes with the following: 1 shuffleboard brush, 1 can of shuffleboard wax and 8 (4 blues and 4 reds) Chrome-finished pucks.
I cannot express enough how much we LOVE our the Harvil Shuffleboard  table. I like the sleek black finish too, it looks like a nice contrast to our game room. Our friends and relatives loved it too and thinking of getting their own the Harvil Shuffleboard table!
My family is 100% satisfied with the table. We love the enjoyment it gives us whenever we bond during weekends. This is our ultimate table experience! No wonder it’s getting more and more popular here in our area.
Our first shuffleboard table was a total disaster! An extreme nightmare and embarrassment! We were hosting a party when one of its legs broke down beyond repair. It spoiled the fun that night! It took a while before we decide to get a new one. And alas! This one is our dream shuffleboard! Unexpectedly, this the Harvil Shuffleboard table performs beyond our expectations! The kids love it, they thought of a lot of fun tweaks on the common shuffleboard game. They have this Crazy Eights game on the shuffleboard where which is a great game for a couple or larger group. Each player tries to shoot all eight pucks. Each one begins with 4 of the same color, shooting them all at once. Then you can aim for the first 4 pucks of the next color by shooting each separately. The concept is to hit each of the first color pucks off the table and save at least one or more of the second color pucks on the table to score. It’s an ultimate bonding experience for everyone!
One thing for sure, this is not just another knock-off version of a commercial shuffleboard in Amazon. You will definitely love this product and simply enjoy it without having to worry about its lifespan. There are a lot out there that might offer you a better price or more stylish design, but you would not want to invest in something that would give you another nightmare, would you?
Overall, I am highly satisfied with my purchase. It is a great product. A great investment for our family and a great addition to our game room! I would keep on endorsing this until all my friends have their own! This is definitely one family piece that should be in your bucket list. Perfect for old-school bonding and to the best way to keep the kids indoors!

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