Hathaway Hat Trick 4-Ft Air Hockey Table

A fun-filled compact 4-feet Air Hockey table to entertain the kids and adults without the worry to go outdoors. That means, you get to feel the hockey in your home. The four feet size parameter is decided only to give you the experience of playing hockey at home without any fuss. The engineering is done right by the hands of Hathaway employees in the United States. This adds up to the supervising efficiency of making of the product so that the customers enjoy the best out of it.

Why the hat trick Air Hockey table?

The hockey table like the best choice, is designed in such a way as to make it comfortable to keep the table in a room. Its small size allows
you to keep other big stuffs in the room as well. The excellent build quality,wooden construction, poly-sealed surface,weighted pucks and strikers give a unique playing experience.The 1100 holes present in the table provide fast and excellent play when a 110 volts blower pushes a strong stream of air through them.

Some attractive features which make this product unique are:

Suitable for the young ones: The four feet sized hockey table helps the kids to have a mesmerizing effect with the four hockey-themed graphics. It gives an amazing feel and feedback.

Strong build quality: The wooden construction engineered by the best hands of Hathaway guarantee about the product to last much longer. Also,the integrated leg levelers ensure an even playing field for smooth play.

Fast action:The 110 volts blower blows a strong and steady stream of air through 1100 holes giving the best playing experience.Also the poly-sealed surface ensure the pucks to glide cleanly over the surface.

Warranty:Hathaway provides you 180 days warranty in an unlikely event of damage of your table.We aim at delivering the product to you without any minor damages. In case the product is faulty, we will send the
parts or will change the entire product within the shortest time possible.

Playing surface:
47-in Length x 23-in Width x 5/8-in CARB certified MDF; Table dimensions: 54-in
Length x 24-in Width x 31-in height. Also, the item weighs 37 pounds.

Do I need this Air Hockey table?

This should not even be a question if you want to play hockey indoor.This product is not mandatory but can be a necessity if you are looking for an indoor air hockey table. Hathaway is a brand with the best Air Hockey tables in the market.

Hathaway hat trick 4 feet air hockey table is no exception to the fact. It has everything a player needs for a game. Thanks to all these installations that make this product best suitable for the players. It is compact and allows you
to keep it anywhere without worrying for clogging of the room.

Quality and smooth play are the two basic requirements of a player and this product fulfills both the conditions. The
4-feet size enables to keep it in the minimal space available. We understand the fact that keeping an Air Hockey table inside the home is a tough task therefore our experts have come up with this product for your comfort.

This Hathaway hat-trick 4 feet Air Hockey table review will help you to understand the benefits of buying this product:

1.Good starter:It is without a doubt the best starter for young kids.Airflow is pretty good which keeps the puck moving smoothly.

2.A family pack: The table, with its advantage to be kept in a room, allows the kids and the adults to play together
having a gala family time.

The bottom line:

This product gives the best feel and feedback to the young kids so that they can have a good start without the worry
to go outdoors. It also brings the family together at a table other than the dining table.

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