Dutch Shuffleboard

In the time of technologies and gadgets, we are almost forgetting our grandparents or parents toys and games. like for example shuffleboard. Games that uses energy, skills and thinking ability, and the best part is the socialization. They bring new friends and we learn how to read peoples mind and body languages. There are many types of games in that time. And most of them are using board, some uses small boards like chess, scrabble, and many more. And like shuffleboard some uses big boards. Shuffleboard is a game that uses a cue, a cue is a stick that pushes the disk. And a disk that is being
push by a cue to be in the court where your scores are determined. An ordinary and official shuffleboard court size is 6 feet wide and has a 39 feet in length,in addition it has also a 6 foot shooting area at its end. Shuffleboard also has many variations and one of them is the Dutch shuffleboard.

Dutch shuffleboard differs in official shuffleboard mainly by the shooting directions. Not like the normal
shuffleboard, Dutch shuffleboard shoots in one direction as opposed to two or unidirectional. Dutch shuffleboard is also known as Sjoelbak or Sjoelen, it is a type of table shuffleboard just like those mini game boards. It is most played by friends and most of all it is being use for family bonding. Family can help each other in Dutch shuffleboard

discs to be on the small slots on the other side of the board where the score is situated. But not like in the normal shuffleboard, in Dutch shuffleboard is much more exciting because you have to balance or weight your discs in the four small score slots. And also the size of the board is different from the normal shuffleboard. Dutch shuffleboard has a two meters by 0.4 meters with 5.2 centimeter walls on each 3 sides. That was basically some of the difference between a normal and the Dutch shuffleboard. It’s easy to play Dutch shuffleboard, all players has given 3 chance to throw their discs in the small slots. And there are some rules that can make your score doubled. The goal of this game is to have the highest score, so you better practice your adding ability. Be sure to hit that high score always. Ask help or cheer from your family to aim for a better score. Just like in life, focus on where you want to hit that discs, and of course it is to hit the highest score possible. Good luck and enjoy playing.

There are always first time for everything so in this game you can be a loser or a weak player at first, but when you get used to it you can be champions. There are no age limit, gender,

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