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On these article we will talk about how to play Cricket, Cricket rules, positions and some other technical detail that  are important to know for anyone interested to learn about Cricket. So, let’s go there!

Cricket is a sport that was originated in England and is currently played around the world . For someone who is a newbie it may seem a bit complicated, but once you understand it it is as simple as most of popular sports today.

If you want to know how to play cricket, the first thing you have to know is that it is a game that needs a lot of patience. The matches can last up to 28 hours,and for instance some games required some breaks.

Cricket Rules Highlights

The playing field in which cricket is practiced is oval, with a rectangular space in the center, which is called the court. To learn how to play cricket you have to be very attentive to this area, since that is where all the action is generated.

At first glance, the field where cricket is played may resemble baseball, but in practice both games dont have much in common except for the use of the bat. The grass on which cricket is played must be in perfect condition to help the right control of the ball and give it the right pot to enjoy a nice game.

The rectangular area measuring 3.7 yards m wide by 22 yards long, is divided by four field lines: the attack or batting line, known as ‘popping crease’; two return lines –return crease– that are parallel along the court and the throwing line –bowling crease–, which divides the area into two rectangular sections.

In addition, on the attack line are the goals or ‘wickets’, which are three stakes, with two crossbars that batters must protect so they do not fall. If these crossbars fall to the ground, it is marked out and the batter is eliminated leaving the position to another teammate.

Cricket Score Rules

It’s easy to understand how they add up: Each time the batters exchange positions, and arrive at the wicket on the other side, they score a run. If the batted ball crosses the rope that marks the limit of the field, there are 4 runs automatically, without having to run, and if it crosses without bouncing, before it falls, there are 6 runs.

It is a little harder to understand the score of the game. If you see something like 149-5, that does not mean that one team has 149 runs and the other 5. It reads “149 for 5”, and it means that the team has scored 149 runs losing 5 wickets (that is, 5 batters were removed).

At the end of the game, if the team that hit first scored more runs, and the second did not reach the established target, it is said that they won by a number of runs. But if the second team to hit matches the first runs, it is said that he won by the number of wickets he has left. For example, if England scores 200 runs in its first innings, Australia scores 200, and then in its next innings, England scores 300 and Australia 250, England wins the match by 50 runs, as Australia did not achieve the number of runs that were left to reach. But if in his second innings England adds 300 more runs and when Australia bats, he loses 6 wickets before scoring 303, it is said that Australia wins by 4 wickets, since he has that number that batters not eliminated

Test Cricket

Live Cricket Match Formations

Cricket is a sport that is played with a bat and a ball, in which two teams consisting of eleven players each face.

The teams consist of: a pitcher (bowler) who throws the ball to a batter (batsman), who has to throw the ball as far as possible from field players or gardeners (fielders).

How To Play Cricket

Cricket players

The score in the game of cricket is counted in races, the goal of each team is to make more races than the opponent in his batting turn. Once the batter hits the ball thrown by the pitcher, he must run to the other side of the field to score a run.

The batter is eliminated if the ball is caught by one of the opposing team’s field players or if the pitcher knocks down the wicket, or goal, which is behind the batter.

It is completely forbidden to use the foot, leg or any other part of the body to hit the ball by the batter. You can only do it with the bat.

This is in general terms how cricket is played. I hope this post helps you start playing with your friends, you will see how much fun it is. Soon I will bring you more post like this with details about the »

Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is played every four years. As with most sports finals, there are preliminary qualification rounds before reaching the final. The first three World Cups were played in England, the first in 1975. Nowadays, the host country is designed by a system that rotates between the ICC countries participants and affiliates. Since 1975, eleven World Cups have taken place with 20 competing teams.

The first Cricket World Cup was played in june of 1975 , and the counties that particioated were England, Australia, New Zealand, India, the West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and East Africa. The first round was structured by dividing the countries in 2 groups of 4. Each team played the teams within their group and the 2 winning teams from each group went to the semifinals. The semifinalists included Australia, New Zealand, England and the West Indies. The winners 2 of the semifinals, Australia and the West Indies, went on to the final round. The West Indies won Australia by 17 races, becoming the first winners of the Cricket World Cup in the world.

As we have seen learn how to play Cricket and the Cricket rules is not difficult and in the contrary we think that begginers can have a lot of fun.

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