Outdoor shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is a common court recreational activity. It’s more popular in the North American continent, it’s also played in Germany, Brazil, and Japan. Paddle shaped blooms called the cues are used to play Shuffleboard. These cues are used to push heavy pucks so that they can slide along a narrow court, where they move smoothly and abruptly come to a stop inside the marked scoring area. Shuffleboard has a number of games tough the most popular one is Outdoor Shuffleboard.

Outdoor Shuffleboard

The length of an Outdoor Shuffleboard court has a length of 52 feet. Then lines six and a half feet apart are drawn across the court. These lines are called the baseline.10-off is the areas between the baselines. They are denoted by a trapezoid divided by two. A small triangle between the 10 and the off areas further divides the court into scoring area, an isosceles triangle which is about 9 feet. This triangle is dived into 7 areas, 8 areas and 10 areas from the bottom, middle to top respectively. Deadline is the drawn 3 feet further down the court on which the pucks must cross for a play to be counted.



How To Play It

Two sets of pucks with different colors are used to play, mainly the pucks are yellow and black. Outdoor Shuffleboard is played in half rounds where the players alternate the cues to slide the pucks from the 10-off section towards the scoring area. The pucks that don’t slide past the deadline are eliminated since it’s not considered as a play. In other words, they are considered to have been played illegally. The main aim of this game is to score using your own pucks while knocking those of your opponent to keep them from scoring.

Rules Of The Outdoor Shuffleboard

• A point is counted if all the pucks are pushed In the 10, 8 or 7 spaces of the triangle. If any puck ends up being entirely in the 10-off space the score is minus 10.
• Scores are counted at the end of each half round. Each player gets the points on which their packs lie. The game continues until the players reach 75 points, the player with the most points is then said together a winner.
• If any player commits an offense that can directly affect the outcome of that half then a penalty is given. Outdoor shuffleboard offenses may include allowing the puck to touch the 10-offline playing, leaning on the baseline and playing your opponent’s puck.
• The cues that push the pucks are poles that must be shorter than six and a half feet, with two prongs at the end that are just slightly narrower than a puck.
• If the puck is played illegally i.e. it falls within the 10-off area the penalty is given, the puck is removed from the outdoor shuffleboard and it can’t earn a point until the next half round.

Outdoor shuffleboard is a family friendly game that is very popular in North America. With its simple rules, anyone can be able to play and have fun. It’s a very easy game to play in that the player is only required to push the pucks using the cues to the scoring areas. The 7, 8 and 10 areas otherwise you do not score.

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