Shuffleboard Pucks: 10 Best Set Reviews

A good set of Shuffleboard pucks are something that anyone who love to play shuffleboard consider indispensable, and that’s why we became convinced that a comprehensive review about these basic tools for the game of shuffleboard would be something much appreciated for the participants of this  thrilling sport.

Before to start our journey to the shuffleboard reviews is a good idea to know that in this game there are two kinds of shuffleboard pucks that are used.

The first are the large ones that are the kind of pucks that are used in tournaments, and measures 2 5/16 inches. Mostly these shuffleboard pucks are used in tables of 16′, 18′, 20, and  22′, and the second one are the medium size that measuring  2 1/8 inches  are preferentially used in smaller shuffleboard tables of  9′, 12′, and 14′.

For more sophisticated shufflers, the largest pucks are their favorite choice, because these kinds of pucks combined with a larger table allow to develop more elaborated strategies that  are generally used in tournaments that require not only specific dimensions for the pucks, but also a determined weight. The relationship between pucks sizes, weights and the dimensions of a table is crucial for a player to improve his abilities, due that the quality of a player’s game is much more influenced by the capability of him to control the accuracy of the throws than his physical power.

Another factor that is interesting to understand is how important is humidity in the accuracy of the shuffleboard throws. Speeds that the pucks can achieve are related also to the humidity of the environment in which the game is played. The reason is that the wood that is used to build the tables is directly affected by this factor.

Pucks also have pitches that are not equal, being also an influence  in the speed that the players want to gives to his throws.

One strategy that many experienced players use,  is to have several set of different kinds of pucks that can be utilized according to the type of table in which the game is intended to be played, or the environmental conditions that the location presents.

To make the learning curve easier, is advisable to assist to tournaments and talk with seasoned players and authorities of them, and ask  about which are the different characteristics of the array of weights that can be seen in competition.

So, just check our compilation out and decide which is the set that better satisfy your necessities.

1.-  Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks with Case (Set of 8)

The Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks with case consist of a  sturdy wooden case that is 9 5/8 in. L x 5 5/16 in. W x 2 1/8 in. H, and comes with 8 regulation pucks (4 red and 4 blue) of 2 1/8 diameter that weigh 9 ½ oz. each.

The grip is guaranteed by its dented surface, and the pucks also have a sloping edge for an effective control.


Nicely presented and good quality materials.


The issue of the size is very controversial ,and many buyers say that the pucks are smaller than the regulation pucks size.


2.-American 8 Shuffleboard Pucks – 2-5/16″

The pucks are made from heavy chromed plated steel, presenting the right slope at the bottom of it, which allows a fast ride on the table, and at the same time avoid the need of waxing  the table repeatedly. The balance gives a nice control of the pucks that also display plastic caps that can be replaced in case of damage. The quality of the eight pucks is good and they come in red and blue colors(4 each).  The pucks size is 2 5/16 and the weigh 0.70 pounds each.


The curve at the bottom helps the pucks ride easily without. damaging the waxing

Good value for the money.


At first sight the price could be a little steep, but due to the quality of the product ,at the end of the day we think it worth it.

3.-Zieglerworld Large Shuffleboard 4 Pucks +Booklet

The USA made Shuffleboard pucks are regulation size of 2 5/16”, and an interesting feature is a special cap design which the player can use to give different kinds of spins to his throws. The cap also is easy to screw, avoiding the annoyance of wasting time before the use of the pucks.

Zieglerworld is a prestigious American brand that guarantees the quality and sturdiness of the product.

The pucks come with a free booklet that includes in its 8 pages explanations about of the different kinds of shuffleboard styles that can be played, their rules, and many tips and hints about the game of Shuffleboard.

4.-Yihao 2-5/16” Shuffleboard Pucks, Set of 8.

The company says that their shuffleboard products are the best and the buyers seem to agree. They have Shuffleboard tables and accessories, and their pucks are made from chrome plated resistant steel, which measure 2 5/16” that have an ABS caps on top. The Pucks come in two colors, red and blue ,and their sloped bottom allow great control over them.


The ride that the pucks develop is the right one and. the pucks don’t plow in the sand.


At the moment no complain about them.

5.-NISSCO Set of 8 2-1/8” Shuffleboard Pucks Blue/Red

Similar appearance to other product, the seller show almost no information about the product,and, thus no reviews or many sales for these pucks.

The set consist of 8 pucks of red and blue color and measure 2 1/8″


Not too much to say about it.


The only feedback that could be found was from a buyer that received a broken product.

6.-Fancyus 2-5/16” Shuffleboard Pucks, Set of 8

The seller especially warn the potential buyers that the item is not a toy ,and is not intended for the use of child of less than 13 years old.

The surface of the pucks is rough with the intention of facilitate the grip of the players when playing.

As the most of the pucks that we have reviewed before, they have a slope at the bottom to facilitate their raid, but some clients said that the product plows the sand and that they not work properly.

The dimension of the products supposedly is 2 5/16 ,but there clients that claim that are smaller. They come in sets of 4 blue and 4 red units.

7.-Signature Shuffleboard Puck Set

The Signature pucks set can be purchased including heavy chrome or bronze finishes, and come in blue or red color (4 each). The sellers guarantee the consistency of the speed and weight performance of the pucks by the assurance that they have been tested profusely.

Signature is a company that has had a lot of presence in the game table market for a while, and displays many of these type of products in their catalog.

The item’s dimensions are:

Weight: 11oz.

Diameter: 2 1/4”

Height: 3/4″

8.- Torpsports Shuffleboard pucks

The standard set of pucks of these sellers comes in red and blue colors, and the pucks are made of heavy chrome plated steel, which includes ABS caps.

The diameter of the pucks is 2 1/8 with a weigh of 9 ½ oz.

The pucks are definitely sturdy and they ride great, also the packaging is excellent with every single puck packed individually. The delivery is fast, and the response in case of any damaged product is also very good.

9.- Trademark Innovations Shuffleboard Game Table Puck Set

Trademark Innovations is an active participant of the game table and accessories market, and their pucks consist of 8 units and come in red and blue colors (4 each). Their dimensions are 2.1” of diameter and 1“in thickness.

The item also includes a nice wooden case which have dimensions of 9.6″L x 5.3″W x 2″H.

The pucks are rough on the surface with the intention that the shufflers have a controlled grip over it.

10.- Shuffleboard by Suzo Happ

With a flat bottom these pucks come in the standard set of 8 with 4 blue and 4 red. The diameter is 2.25 inches in diameter and 1 inch in high.

Customers said that the product is much cheaper than others of the same characteristics. They also said that the ride is smooth and without issues. Overall the opinions about them are positive, arguing that the item is good value for the money




As you can see Shuffleboard pucks are available in several types and  characteristics, and with good advice is possible to find the adequate item for your level of experience and competition.

Either professionals or amateurs,are able to get the products that will enhance their game, no matters if they play in a more social way or try to  excel in a more developed level.

The game of Shuffleboard lately has gained huge popularity and you can see it played for example in most cruise lines  that navigate the coast of the USA ,Also bars and competitions show the sports all over the place, making the availability of equipment to increase greatly.

With these reviews we have tried to help the lovers of our beloved sport to get the best information about the tools that they are going to need to get the most that they can from the Shuffleboard game.

Shuffleboard pucks are an essential part  of the game and to buy the right ones  is an important task.

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