Shuffleboard Sand

The shuffleboard sand sometimes, called shuffleboard wax, Shuffleboard cheese and in many more ways,  is the material that the players  of this great sport use to minimize the contact between the playing surface and the puck .Also it helps to maintain the thickness of the courts and and there are also  shuffleboard rules about how to use it.

No matter how you call it, the material add a big plus to the game, due that allow the shuffleboard gamers to leverage the weighs of the pucks to make them slide farther,  by reducing the friction of the weighs with the Shuffleboard table.

Coming generally in dry powder form, these mixed dry cornmeal and silicone beads make the court slicker, making possible to manipulate the way in which the throws are executed.

Also one factor that is important to consider when talking about Shuffleboard Sand is the different speeds that are achieved depending on the variety of wax that is used. The amount of friction that each variety take off from the surface is rated by a color or and a numerical system, and the higher the number ,the higher the friction that the sand take off the court .

The players must evaluate the amount of sand, the type of Shuffleboard Sand and the kind of throw that the person is planning to execute.

A cleaver strategy that most of the seasoned players use, is to have in stock several kind of wax, so they can choose it according to the conditions of the shuffleboard table and the game on hand.

Another issue regarding the use of Shuffleboard Sand is that if the Shuffleboard player is playing on a long table is better to use higher grades of wax, and shorter tables should be sprinkled with sand of lower grade.

Independently of the longitude of the table, the waxing is important for the maintenance of it, doing it periodically is going to help the table to have a longer life and using a higher grade of sand will contribute to avoid a mayor loss of thickness.

Thickness of the shuffleboard table

A Shuffleboard table thickness affects the game of a player hugely, that is the reason why experienced players observe the conditions of the table thoroughly before the games. They know that no matter the quality and reliability of the court surface, in some moment will start to show signs of deterioration.

To minimize this issue, is a good idea to always take in to account the thickness of the wood which is used to build the shuffleboard. In that sense the preferred thickness preferred for the tables nowadays is 3”.

Another element that is important to watch out when looking for the best shuffleboard table is the quality and ratio of wood finishes that are used, and we endorse to use the best wood sealant available, because some small savings at the beginning can be very costly overtime. Today we have very budget efficient wood finishes, based on polymer, which are going to make easier to lead with this issue. The look that these wood sealants give to the surface is great, giving a shuffleboard table an aspect that will enhance the ambiance of any game room or bar.

It is important to understand that sometimes when we talk about the thickness of the wood ,for example 4″ includes the thickness of the wood, the sealants and finishes together.


Summarizing, the lifespan of the best shuffleboard table it will depends on how the table has been maintained, the wood and the sealant that has been used and the quality of Shuffleboard  sand  that has been applied.Good wax is going to have a minor predatory effect on the playing court.Always is a trade off between spending and quality,but in the long term the good quality is going to worth the effort made at the beginning.

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